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Chloroprene Rubber CR 232

Appearance: Milk white chips.
Description: A xanthogen or dodecyl mercaptan modified chloroprene
rubber with medium crystallization rate. The density is 1.23. It has good
heat resistance and high temperature stability. It is similar to Denka’s
M-30, M-40,M120 and Du Pont’s Neoprene WM1,W ,WHV.
Application: For making light-coloured rubber products, such as seal,
dust cover, rubber roller, liner, dam and rubber hose outer sheath,etc.
CR2323 also can be used for making adhesive.


Item Index
Mooney Viscosity(ML 1001 +4 ) CR2321 CR2322 CR232H1 CR232H2 CR232H3
35-45 46-55 70-90 90-110 110-130
Mooney Scorch(MS t5, min ) 11
Tensile strengthMPa  12
Modulus at 500%,MPa 1~5
Elongation at break,% 650
Volatile matter,% 1.2
Ash content,% 1.2

Packing: Packed in bags, 25kg net weight each.
Shelf Life: A year below 25℃ in cool place from the date of production.

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