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Chloroprene Rubber DCR 213

Appearance: Milk white chips.
Description: A xanthogen or dodecyl mercaptan modified copolymer
of chloro-butadiene and dichloro-butadiene, with excellent
anti-crystallization performance. The density is 1.23. It is similar to Du
Pont’s Neoprene WRT and Denka’s S-40V.
Application: Mainly used for making dust cover, road and bridge
vibration cushion, sealing strip and other products used in cold temperature area.


 Item  Index
 Mooney Viscosity(ML100 ℃ 1 +4)
 DCR2131 DCR2132 


 35-45 46-55 
According tocustomer needs
 Mooney Scorch (MSt 5 , min ) ≥
 Tensile strength,MPa ≥  12
 Modulus at 500%,MPa  1~5
 Elongation at break ,%≥  700
 Volatile matter,% ≤  1.5
 Ash content,% ≤  1.5

Packing: Packed in bags, 25 kg net weight each.
Shelf Life: A year below 25℃ in cool place from the date of production.

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