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Chloroprene Rubber CR 121

Appearance: Beige ( or light brown) chips.
Description: A sulfur-modified chloroprene rubber with
medium crystallization rate, the density is 1.23. It has good
resistance to tear and flexure. It is similar to Du Pont’s Neoprene
GN and GNA and Denka’s PM-40.
Application: For making rubber products such as conveyor belt, triangle
belt, v belt, synchronous belt and mining cable sheath, etc.

 Item  Index
 Mooney Viscosity
(ML100 ℃ 1 +4)
 CR1211  CR1212
 30 - 45  46 - 60
 Mooney Scorch (MSt 5 , min ) ≥
 Tensile strength,MPa ≥  24
 Modulus at 500%,MPa  1-5
 Elongation at break % ≥  850
 Volatile matter,% ≤  1.2
 Ash content,% ≤  1.2


Packing: Packed in bags, 25kg net weight each.
Shelf Life: Half a year below 25℃ in cool place from the date of production.


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